What Makes You Unique?

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You know I am an advocate of bringing your own personality and what makes you unique to work and aligning your values with those of the company, this example blew me away and got me so excited I just had to share.
I recently heard of another example of how average, every-day people are making a difference in other people’s lives just by being themselves and using their business to make an impact.
My sister was telling me about the cleaning service she is hiring for her house (sadly in another community and not in mine). She chose this service because of a story she heard from the referral.
The referral shared her experience.
It was the first time this person had hired a cleaning service and was feeling apprehensive about having someone in their home. When they got home, they found the kids’ well-loved teddies tucked into the children’s bed all snuggled in waiting for their beloved family to get home. How cute is that!
Do you think that made a difference with how she felt about having someone in her home to clean?
What do you think is the impression of this company and the person who was doing the cleaning?
Can you imagine the reaction of those children?
Oh, and it is customary that a fresh batch of home-made cookies are left on the kitchen counter. Wow!

I am so impressed with the owner of this cleaning service. She has created many differentiators for her company by knowing the right kind of people to hire as cleaners and bakers. The culture of this cleaning company is one of high customer satisfaction and increased employee commitment because they feel they are making a difference.
This concept can apply to not-only companies but also individuals.

you are Unique (2)
Think of your differentiators. What do you do that sets you apart from others? I ask this question with my career strategy clients because it’s a tough question to get them thinking.
Typically your differentiators are what people know you for and why they love you. It’s what makes you unique.

Here are some questions to help you along.
1. List your top five values.
2. What is your personal vision?
3. In twenty-five words or less, write your personal purpose/mission
4. List five goals you have currently (Now Vision)
5. What accomplishments are you most proud of in your life and why?
Focus only on the positive things for these questions and don’t get bogged down with feeling that your answers have to be perfect. Just by working through these activities you are already making progress.
Too many people get paralyzed by thinking that they have to get it right. There is no right, it’s all right and it’s all perfect and you are perfect.
If you are comfortable, I would love to hear what sets you a part from others. Comment below or send me a message.

There is no judgement.

Own your uniqueness.

Once you have figured out what makes you You, let your light shine bright.

As the saying goes, let your freak flag fly.

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