My Biggest Lessons of 2015

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This past year was a huge year for me. Even though it really doesn’t seem like it on the outside. When I compare where I am now both in terms of my business growth and my own personal growth, I can see and feel a huge difference.  Oh, the lessons I have learned. The business has definitely gone from floundering and trying different things out to see what fits to really becoming clear and knowing who and what my strengths are that I can offer to others through the medium of my business. I brought in the mantra of ease and flow and dropped the...

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Improving Employee Commitment

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As we head into the final weeks of 2015 and look forward to 2016 there is always this thought of evaluating and planning.  We ask ourselves, how did we do this past year?  What’s ahead for the next year?  Are we well–equipped and ready to ride the wave of whatever comes? Of course we don’t know what to expect in the coming year but this is a great time to identify where we want to go.  Create the vision in your mind so you are clear on the result you want and then develop your tactical plans to get there.  Even though you may be wondering how...

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What Does It Look Like to Love Your Job?

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Since I am on a mission to empower people to love the life they are creating which includes how they show up at work I tend to notice when people are doing something different. I recently experienced two individuals who are making a difference to the customers they serve by showing up in their unique way in their job. Recently, I was travelling to the LAX airport from my hotel in a cab. My driver was an older gentleman.  As we were proceeding to the airport we made small talk.  He then asked me a very profound question.  “What do you think it...

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Are You Motivated at Work?

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I recently attended a two-day HR conference. Wow! What an awesome experience. Sitting in a room full of about 500 people who share the same focus – to bring the best out in organizations by bringing out the best in its people. The first day started off with one of my favourite employee motivation gurus, Daniel Pink. I have had his book Drive for quite some time and have used it extensively in engagement training workshops. Pink discusses what motivates us and how we are motivated. You may be surprised to learn that money may not be a...

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Risk Taker + Fear = Success

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Don’t you admire risk takers – especially when they win or give a thrilling performance? There’s something exciting about someone who takes a chance – the person who has courage to start a business in a down economy, a football team that goes for the two point conversion to win the game, or those that stand in their truth even though it goes against the norm.  These people put it all on the line to experience success. These folks seem fearless.  I admire people who seem to be able to push through their fear, doubts and worry to come out...

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How Economic Conditions Affect Jobs

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Economies ebb and flow.  When it is flowing, life is good.  We think things will always be this good.  Money is flowing, jobs are abundant and no one gives a thought to price or wants versus needs.  With the recent downturn in our local economy due to dropping oil prices, mindsets and priorities have been forced to shift.  For some reason, ebbs take us by surprise even though we have lived through a downturn in the economy before and know that eventually all good things come to an end.  For some, planning ahead and saving for a rainy day did...

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Do You Know What Employers Want?

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I was recently speaking with a colleague who works with newcomers coming to Canada for work.  She was asking if I can put together a training that can introduce immigrants to the Western culture of work places.  That got me thinking that maybe even people who are born and raised in Western society don’t know what employers are looking for.  Do you?  Are you successful in your job search and securing interviews?  If not, then maybe you need to read on. How Employers Find You Job-hunters typically keep the same tactics; develop a resume, search...

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Letting Go in Career Transition

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I do a lot of reading on our ego and our subconscious mind and how they each affect our behavior.  I love that kind of stuff.  Basically, our ego is often what we let guide us.  It is the part of us that wants to keep us safe, that resists change and creates fear. At my recent Reiki session, I was reminded how I have blocked that part of me that resists trusting my inner guide.  I have been letting my ego run the show.  Since then, I have been working on letting go. I am trying to let go of all attachment to “should”, “musts”, “need to’s” and...

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Kick “But” in Your Job Search

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For whatever reason, the same words have been popping into my head this week. Over and over again, the same two words. Those words, “Be Bold”. So I have used that mindset to guide my actions this week. And yes, I have taken some fairly bold steps for me. I’ll be honest, I can sometimes let my fear limit my actions. It can be a fear of judgement, fear of failure, fear of sounding like an idiot and it ebbs and flows. But this week, those two words kept pushing me forward. It was awesome and I felt FANTASTIC! Do you dream of a better job but...

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Do You LOVE Your Job?

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I am curious, do you love your job? Do you have a clear idea of what your ideal job and workday look like? For me, my ideal workday starts once the kids are out the door for school. I love starting my day with a 30 minute yoga practice followed by my hot cereal breakfast that I enjoy while catching up on emails. Pre-kids however, my ideal workday consisted of going to a workplace I loved with people I loved spending time with. I contributed to the workplace, contributed to the organization’s larger goals plus I believed in the larger goals of...

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