Are You Living in Alignment?

Posted by on Sep 9, 2014 | 2 comments

What if this were a world that actually worked for everyone? For you. For your children. For those you love.

Everyone gets what they want, does the work that feeds their soul, has all of the resources that they need in a way that sustains our planet instead of drains her.


Imagine your life on these terms. Knowing who you are and what you want in a way that is in resonance with the earth and not based on conditioned beliefs that tell you what kind of car you need to drive or house you need to live in to “be somebody.”

The first step to being able to create that world is for us all to be able to see it together. And, specifically, to see where we fit into it. What would it look like for YOU to live in a world that works for everyone?

I just had to share this beautiful work of art that has been created by Alexis Neely to raise our consciousness to this possibility. If you don’t know Alexis – I’m glad to have this opportunity to introduce her to you. She’s gone from building several seven figure businesses in the fields of law and online marketing to being a beacon of truth on the planet, taking a stand for all of us to embrace radical authenticity AND having what we really, really, really, REALLY want.  I have worked with her personally and she walks her talk.  She has opened my eyes to the possibility of creating the life I want on all levels and not needing to settle.  It is possible to do the work I love in a way that I love to do it.

This music video/visualization will bring you some clarity, support you to see the bigger picture, and, most importantly, put your mind at ease knowing your are on path to creating a reality YOU want.

Watch it now, and register for the whole series:

And, please, after you do, share it with your friends. I am proud to join Alexis on her mission to bring THIS vision of our planet to millions of people. You can join us by sharing it to your facebook page and leaving your comments.

Enough is enough. It is time for us all to step into a new way of working, living and being on the planet. Ready?


  1. Thank you for this wonderful article. I,too, am a self improving seeker or SIS since the past 3 years.There are several organizations in existence which actively promote the same things you do.
    No, I am not living in alignment with who I really am, but am working on it to get back on my path.Transitioning is not easy but must be done if one wants to grow in order to become an enlightened being.
    Kind Regards,
    Petra C. Keller

    • Hi Petra! Thank you for your comments. Living in alignment is a constant process due to the demands of our busy lives. Surrounding yourself with people who are of similar mindsets and who can support you to stay true to who you are will help keep you on your path. Keep it up and do not be too hard on yourself. Keep shining! Shannon

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