Are You A Likeable Boss?

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If you are challenged by low morale and an unengaged work team, you may want to consider the relationship you have with your employees.

Most of us don’t like to think that there may be something wrong with what we say or do. Most of us have a need to be right and that our way is the only way. As the leader of the department or business, it really is up to you to create the conditions that will increase employee motivation and engagement.

Likeable Boss

It may be tough to admit that your business or department isn’t perfect and you may be the contributing factor. Isn’t it easier to blame others or that one bad employee is ruining it for everyone? It’s likely there are other factors at play than what is going on with others. Consider your actions when you interact with your team.

Earning the Trust of Your Team
Avoiding micromanagement, delegating tasks properly, and celebrating successes are all ways to increase your high regard and trust for your team, but trust is a two-way street. An effective leader is one whom the followers will trust implicitly. Trust, like respect, does not come automatically. Some people may be naturally inclined to trust people, but the degree of trust you need to lead effectively must be earned. What are you doing to earn the trust of your people?

Communicate Fearlessly
Speaking from the heart to make a connection with another person will go farther than trying to impress. Power in communication is sometimes determined by the quality of your rapport with others. Be open and transparent with the real you so that others can see the human side of who you really are which will bring out the human side in others. Powerful communication is not about saying as many things as you can in a given period of time to make you sound better. It is about sticking to what is relevant to the discussion, and getting your message across in the shortest — but most impact-laden — way possible using empathy towards others. Understanding the other person’s perspective and using that in how you communicate will increase your likability.

Model the Way
You must lead by example. You can’t ask something of your employees if you are not willing to do it yourself. Showing them that you walk your talk will go a long way in building trust and shows your consistency.

Inspire a Shared Vision
If you capture the imagination, you will inspire creative thought and increase loyalty. Connecting people with the why of your business or department will inspire others to put forth more of their energy and commitment than you ever thought possible. The why isn’t just about making money. Think deeper. What is the real reason your company exists? People follow you and buy from you, when they believe what you believe.

Challenge the Process
Don’t continue doing something just because “We’ve always done it that way.” Situations change, and sometimes a policy or procedure never worked well in the first place. Think outside the box and allow your employees to challenge the status quo. If it is truly working, great, leave it as-is. But if there is a stumbling block or someone asks the question “why are we doing it this way”, really look at the answer and then empower them to generate alternate solutions.

Enable Others to Act
Truly empower people to act on their own within their level of authority. Enabling others to make decisions, solve their own problems and create outcomes help others to grow and expand. When employees know you trust them, they are more likely to commit and work harder for you. Learning to let go to allow others to try on their own is one of the hardest challenges of a leader, but truly one of the most fruitful.

Encourage the Heart
A positive attitude is infectious. If you don’t already, learn to see the bright side in all situations. There is always something to be learned in every situation.

Being a likeable boss really comes down to connecting to your people, giving them some freedoms within their role and creating mutual trust. Really, it is that simple.

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